15 Festive Christmas Staircase Decor Ideas

15 Festive Christmas Staircase Decor Ideas

Looking for a festive way to decorate your staircase this Christmas? We’ve got 15 awesome Christmas staircase decor ideas for you! The most popular choice for staircase decorating at Christmas is typically an evergreen garland wrapped around the handrail, but you can take this traditional Christmas decoration and make it your own by adding silver ornaments or red ribbon bows, for example. There are so many creative ways to decorate your banister for the holidays and we hope this post will spark a few ideas!

Christmas Staircase Decor

We wholeheartedly approve of these awesome Christmas staircase decorations. Just be sure to space out your garland to make sure your family and guests can still hold on to the handrail if they need to!

1. Ho Ho Ho Christmas Staircase Decor


2. Green Wreaths with Simple Red Ribbon Staircase Decor


3. Garlands and White Stockings along the Staircase


4. Low-Hanging Christmas Garland on the Stairs

You typically see garland wrapped around the handrail, but this home features a low-hanging Christmas garland which looks beautiful!


5. Little Red Lanterns on Every Other Stair


6. White pom stair garland for Christmas


7. Christmas Lyrics on the back of the Stairs


8. Snowflake Staircase Wall Cut Outs

Country Living

9. JOY Sign Staircase Decor for Christmas


10. Sled Decor on Christmas Staircase


11. Gold and Green Garland Christmas Staircase


12. Red and Silver Ornaments Christmas Staircase Decor


13. Green garland with red roses


14. Oversized Green Garland with Red Ornaments Staircase


15. Rope Christmas Banister


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